"Sofia Reis is a graduate of my 2010 acting program (Meisner Technique) at the John Frey Studio for Actors, Lisbon, Portugal. During the time I worked with Sofia she consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic and dedication to learning and developing her skills in the craft of acting. Sofia’s work in my classes displayed creativity and humanity. Her efforts have produced high quality results in theater, film and television."

John Frey

Residing Acting Teacher

John Frey Acting Studio/ACT-Escola de Actores

"In 2009 I had the privilege of working with Sofia when I cast her in my adaptation of Patrick Hamilton’s thriller, Rope.

Sofia played one of the older characters, i.e.: Mrs. Debenham; instantly she impressed me with her empathy and portrayal of this somewhat senile lady whose lines are few, yet with the correct timing, added a great humorous relief to such a dark and sinister play. Sofia instinctively delivered Mrs. Debenhams hilarious state of confusion whilst
always maintaining her focus, thus never missed a beat. A beautiful and amazingly natural performance!

In my opinion, Sofia has more than just talent and potential; she radiates a unique atmosphere which given the relevant outlet, can only bring great entertainment and success for any show live or recorded."

Jennifer McClelland Henriques
Director of the theater play

"Rope" - Lisbon Players

"In my short-film and documentary about Vataça de Lascaris, Sofia gave body to a medieval Lady. The result was a delicate and mysterious Vataça, but also full of energy. Sofia was the best choice for this Character!

Not only for her full dedication to the part that she was playing. But also because another Sofia was revealed – an entrepreneur, who gives herself entirely to a big challenge with professionalism and devotion!"

Miguel Vilhena

Director of the short-film “Vataça" and

of the Documentary 

"Vataça de Lascaris – Uma Dona na Vida e na Morte

"Sofia is a talented actress with high acting skills. It was great to have her and her beautiful interpretation in the ALÉM DE TI feature-film, which is now a bigger project. I hope she can reach what she deserves."

João Marco

Director of the Feature-film

"Além de Ti"



"Contudo, é com a actriz Sofia Reis, que a mesma personagem (que curiosamente também é Sofia) tem os momentos mais dramáticos e tocantes do filme.”

Paulo Ferreira (

“Este casal é interpretado por Mário Spencer, Sofia Reis e Joana Costa, três actores que despertam a atenção do espectador pelas suas sólidas interpretações."

Aníbal Santiago (

“Enquanto Sofia Reis entrega uma interpretação sólida como uma mulher frágil e insegura de si que se sente de certa forma "viva" ao assegurar o bem-estar e o conforto do seu marido que, naquele momento, se encontra desempregado”.

Paulo Peralta( 


Curta-metragem "Anjo|Negro"

de Pedro Horta


"Interessante o registo interpretativo de Sofia Reis que consegue transformar a sua "Ana" numa mulher cuja mente cedeu algures nos tempos por um conjunto de factores que não sendo totalmente explorados permitem ao espectador fazer a sua própria interpretação, e principalmente pelo registo livre mas fiel de alguém que perdeu a sua lucidez tendo, no entanto, de conviver não com a sua ignorância mas sim com a sua total percepção."

Paulo Peralta


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